Travelling in the territory of Tuscany, our eyes take in an overload of intoxicating beauty at every glance, moving amid cities rich in culture, and, above all, crossing inland landscapes of intense natural colours down to the blue sea.

Here is Riserva Paradiso, extendingin a vast territory in CastagnetoCarducci-Donoratico, in Maremma, amid rolling hills covered in secular woods of holms, cork oaks and oaks, crossed by paths marked by rows of maritime pines, reaching a spot onthe still pristine Tyrrhenian Sea Coast. Zuccherissima RiservaParadiso, the Dulcinera quality is cultivated in such a healthy environment that brings about a feeling of peace, far from sources of industrial pollution and from the main artery roads, enjoying an ideal microclimate.

Each Riserva Paradiso pumpkin, favoured by the many factors itenjoys after sowing, is an expression of high quality, reaching the 21st Brix degree (the sugar degree for fruit and vegetables) and an incredible aroma that is appreciated for its uniqueness. Like all productsthat have unrepeatable characteristics, the ZuccherisimaRiserva Paradiso ones are combined with a unique traceability code and are offered with their Limited Edition package.

Square meters of cultivated land

The Riserva Paradiso pumpkins are cultivated according to a correct rotation of the crops, therefore the cultivations are alternated so the soil is not impoverished its natural balance is respected. This means that a different area is dedicated to the Zuccherissima every year and this allows that they grow in the best conditions, expressing the excellent quality of each fruit.

Impollinating bees

To ensure that the agricultural production respects biodiversity, we rely on the natural pollination service that the bees offer to our crops. This procedure is part of the disciplinary measures enforced toour cultivation procedures, the integrated pest management that provides sustainable cultivation guidelines.

The traceable Zuccherissima 2018

The 2018 sowing patch has produced the selected Zuccherissima that have been carefully packaged for sale after the ideal seasoning period. To guaranteethe high quality and unique taste of each pumpkin from the 2018 season, we have matched a UNIQUE CODE to each pumpkin and it is printed on the label hanging on each fruit. By entering the ID code in the specific space on the website, it is possible to check the traceability of each individual pumpkin.

Limited edition packaging

Riserva Paradiso has produced a limited number of high-quality Zuccherissima pumpkins to which we have dedicate the Limited Edition 2018 packaging that, in our opinion, communicates the magic territory of production.

Each package, marked by its number, is a unique piece that will not be repeated, just like the pumpkins it contains. The future productions will have other evocative images and will contain new precious fruits, created and taken care of so they can be offered to the consumer, with all our heart.

In order to discover the traceability of your pumpkin, please insert the code you find on the flyer of your pumpkin!